Python Beginner

Added On: 09/01/2018
6 Week

Python is a highly used and all-purpose programming language which is dynamic in nature. Being dynamic in nature means that you as a developer can write and run the code without the need of a compiler. The design of the language is such that it supports code readability which means that its syntax is such that only a few lines of codes are needed to express a point or a concept. This concept of code readability is also possible in the case of Java and C++, etc. This is a high-level or advanced language that is considered easy for beginners to understand and learn.

What I Will Learn

  • straightforward programming language with a great developer community.


  • Windows PC, Windows* 7 or later, mac OS, and Linux,Python* versions: 2.7.X, 3.6.X.

Course Description

    This course introduces computer programming using the Python programming language.Emphasis is placed on procedural programming, algorithm design, and language constructs common to most high level languages. A brief introduction to Python classes and object-oriented design is included. Upon completion, students should be able to design, code, test,and debug Python language programs.

Topics For This Course

      • Module 1-Welcome to Python
        0 Lectures
      • Module 2-Beginning to Program in Python
        0 Lectures
      • Module 3-Tuples, Data Dictionaries, Text Files
        0 Lectures
      • MOdule 4-Python Setup
        0 Lectures
      • Module 5-Strings and Variables
        0 Lectures
      • Module 6-Numbers and Math
        0 Lectures
      • Module 7-Booleans and Conditionals
        0 Lectures
      • Module 8-Functions
        0 Lectures
      • Module 9-Writing Scripts in Python
        3 Lectures
      • Module 10-Exception Handling
        0 Lectures
      • Module11-Running Python Programs
        0 Lectures


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